CURRICULUM VITAE - 1 page text version - MAIA ENGELI

Maia Engeli is Assistant Professor at the School of Interactive Arts and Technology at Simon Fraser University. She was Assistant Professor at the ETH (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology) Zurich, 1996-2002, head of the chair for Architecture and CAAD, 1996-2002 and head of the ETH World Center that supports the ETH community in the creation of the new virtual/physical presence of the ETH Zurich, 2001-2002. From 2003-2005 she held guest professor and research positions at TU Delft in The Netherlands, the University of Applied Arts, Vienna, Austria, the University of Art+Design, Basel, Switzerland and TU Graz, Austria.

Maia Engeli graduated in Architecture from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) Zurich in 1986 and received a Masters in Design Studies from the Harvard Design School in 1991. She currently works on a PhD with the title “Meaning Beyond Play - Exploration and Exploitation of the Seductive Power Genuine to Digital Game Spaces” within Roy Ascott's Planetary Collegium, Department of Technology, University of Plymouth, UK.

The research work of Maia Engeli focuses on the conception and design of networked environments for creative collaboration. She combines digital networks, computer graphics and artificial intelligence to create dynamic, interactive, multiuser information and communication environments that supplement human talent and cognitive skills. The research projects include among others: a “Virtual Library” creating paths to knowledge, “Knowledge Territory” to increase, revise, organise, and access a body of knowledge in four areas of economy collected by, or “IT in Virtual Enterprises” a project to visualize workflow and support decision making in collaborative projects. A large number of projects were realized as online collaborative learning environments for IT and interactive media courses at ETH Zurich.

Maia Engeli’s teaching activities include design, programming, and theory courses in the field of IT and interactive media. She has 18 years of teaching experience at different Universities and Cultural Institutions at every level from undergraduate to postgraduate courses and class sizes up to 220 students. In 2002 she started a series of workshops using first person shooter games as the main media, with the aim to discover and exploit the potential of these media to carry social, political, and cultural messages.

Maia Engeli is the editor and co-designer of the book “Bits and Spaces” (Birkhauser, Basel, 2001) in which 33 exemplary research projects and course environments developed at ETH Zurich are presented in a visually and textually appealing way. She wrote the book “Digital Stories – The Poetics of Communication” (Birkhauser, Basel, 2000) and co-edited the book “ETH World – Conceptual Competition – Physical and Virtual Presence” (GTA, Zürich, 2002). In 2001 and 2002 she produced two mini-CDs: “ETH World – Visions and 14 Pioneer Projects” and “ETH World – Visions and Realties”. In addition she contributed to various publications like “Interfaces” (anomalie digital_arts #3, France, 2003) or “a+a – arquitecturanimació” (COAC, Spain, 2003).