List of Publications - Maia Engeli



Engeli Maia, Nina Czegledy
Medieval Unreality - Initiating an Artistic Discourse on Albania’s Blood Feud with a First-Person Shooter Game
in Videogames and Art, Grethe Mitchel, Andy Clarke Eds., Intellect Books, London, forthcoming

Engeli Maia
The Flow of Ideas in Telematic Environments

in proceedings of Digital Arts & Culture (DAC) conference 2005, IT University (ITU) of Copenhagen, Denmark, December 1-3, 2005

Engeli Maia
Conceptual Design Schemes for the Flow of Ideas in Telematic Learning Environments
in proceedings of E-Learn 2005, World Conference on E-Learning in Corporate, Government, Healthcare, & Higher Education, Vancouver, BC Canada, Oct. 24-28, 2005

Engeli Maia
Noble Dollhouses, Violent Shooter Games: Reality, Abstraction and Shifting Perspectives
in proceedings of Altered States: transformations of perception, place, and performance, Planetary Collegium, University of Plymouth. 22-24 July 2005, DVD, LiquidPress, Plymouth, UK, 2005

Engeli Maia
Playful Play with Games: Linking Level Editing to Learning in Art and Design
in proceedings of DiGRA 2005 Changing Views: Worlds in Play, Digital Games Research Association, Vancouver, 16-20 June, 2005
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Engeli Maia
Review: First Person - New Media as Story, Performance, and Game, Noah Wardrip-Fruin, Pat Harrigan, Eds., 2004
Book Review, Leonardo Reviews, MIT Press, Cambridge, USA, February 2005
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Engeli Maia
Alice in Wonderland or Playing Games with Games,
in Proceedings Consciousness Reframed 2004, November 25-27, 2004, Beijing, China.
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Engeli Maia
Review: Ars Electronica 2004 – The Exhibitions, Linz, Austria, September 2-7, 2004
Conference Review, Leonardo Reviews, MIT Press, Cambridge, USA, October 2004
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Engeli Maia, Roderick Galantay, Jan Torpus
"living-room" - Interactive, Space-Oriented Augmented Reality,
in Proceedings ACM Multimedia, MM'04, October 10-16, 2004, New York, New York, USA.
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Engeli Maia
Review: Design Research, Methods and Perspectives, Brenda Laurel Ed., 2003
Book Review, Leonardo Reviews, MIT Press, Cambridge, USA, June 2004
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Engeli Maia
Information Invasion and a New Architectonic Challenge
in fabric | ch, Pro Helvetia, May 2004

Engeli Maia
Review: Rules of Play: Game Design Fundamentals, Katie Salen and Eric Zimmerman, 2003
Book Review, Leonardo Reviews, MIT Press, Cambridge, USA, April 2004
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Engeli Maia
Altering Space in First-Person Shooter Games
Sensorial Networks Conference, Fortaleza, Brasil, November 29/30, 2003

Engeli Maia
Reflection and Expression in an Ego-Shooter Environment
SIGradI2003 - Digital Culture and Difference Conference, Rosario, Argentina, November 5-7, 2003

Engeli Maia
MESSAGES for a First Person Perspective
COSIGN, Computational Semiotics in Games and New Media, University of Teesside, Middlesbrough, UK, September 10-12, 2003
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Engeli Maia
Review: ARS ELECTRONICA 2003: CODE ' The Language of our Time, Linz, Austria, Sept 2003
Conference Review, Leonardo Reviews, MIT Press, Cambridge, USA, October 2003
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Engeli Maia
Aesthetics Within Ego Shooter Games
Consciousness Reframed, Newport, UK, July 2-5, 2003
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Engeli Maia
Review: Pause & Effect: The Art of Interactive Narrative, by Mark Stephen Maedows, 2003
Book Review, Leonardo Reviews, MIT Press, Cambridge, USA, June 2003
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Rudi Stouffs, Engeli Maia, Bige Tuncer
Mediated Discourse as a Form of Architectonic Intervention
AVOCAAD - added value of computer aided architectural design, Brussels, April 3-5, 2003
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Engeli Maia

anomalie_3, Un, Deux ... Quatre Editions, Paris, March, 2003


Engeli Maia
Review: Artmedia VIII – From Aesthetics of Communication to Net Art, Conference, Nov 29 – Dec 2, 2002, Paris, France
Conference Review, Leonardo Reviews, MIT Press, Cambridge, USA, December 2002
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Engeli Maia
Game in Progress - Virtuelle Räume und Gemeinschaften am Beispiel von Ego-Shooter-Games

Archithese 4.02, Zürich, July 2002

Engeli Maia
From within - Revealing Architectonic Ideas in Virtual Reality

arquitectureanimatió, Fredy Massad, Alicia Guerrero Yeste, Eds., ISBN: 84-88258-88-7, June 2002, pp. 210-227

Engeli Maia et al
ETH World: Visions and Realities

MiniCD ROM, published by ETH World Center, Zürich, January 2002



Engeli Maia
A Computer Lady's Perspective

Archis 4/2001, Netherlands, pp. 22-24, August 2001

Engeli Maia et al.
ETH World: 14 Pioneer Projects

MiniCD ROM, published by ETH World Center/Corporate Communications ETH Zürich, June 2001

Engeli Maia, Strehlke Kai
[roomz] & [connectionz] - Narratives in Space and Time

in proceedings of caad futures 2001, Eindhoven, July 2001

Engeli Maia, Stäger Benjamin
Information Technology for Virtual Enterprises: Meta-Visualizations of Document-Structures
in proceedings of EUROPIA 8, Delft, April 2001

Engeli Maia (ed)
Bits and Spaces, Architecture and Computing for Physical, Digital, Hybrid Realms, 33 Projects by Architecture & CAAD, ETHZ
208 pages, Birkhäuser Publishers for Architecture, Basel, Berlin, Boston ISBN 3-7643-6416-5, January 2001
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Engeli Maia
Digital Stories The Poetics of Communication
96 pages, Birkhäuser Publishers for Architecture, Basel, Berlin, Boston, ISBN 3-7643-6175-1, January 2000

Bauke de Vries, Joran Jessurun and Engeli Maia
Development of an Intuitive 3D Sketching Tool
in proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Design and Decision Support Systems in Architecture and Urban Planning (DDSS), Eindhoven, the Netherlands, August 2000



Engeli Maia, Hirschberg Urs
Creative Collaboration via Networks: Systems, Processes and the Unexpected
in proceedings of: DCNet'99, November 1999
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Engeli Maia
Spazi, storie, poetica - rappresentazione architettonica con i nuovi media
archi, Edizioni Casagrande SA, Bellinzona, Switzerland, Ottobre, 1999

Engeli Maia, Mueller Andre
Digital Environments for Learning and Collaboration - Architecture, Communication, Creativity
in proceedings of: ACADIA'99, October 1999
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Engeli Maia
Storie digitali - Poetiche della communicatizione
testo&imagine no. 64, La rivoluzione informatica, 100 p., 1999

Engeli Maia
Networked Environments for Learning and Creative Collaboration
in proceedings of: SEFI 1999, Winterthur/Zurich, September 1999, Switzerland, 1999
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Engeli Maia
Learning and Creative Collaboration in Networked Environments
in proceedings of: New Learning Technologies, Bern, Switzerland, August 30-31, 1999

Engeli Maia
Cyberspace, Cybereinseignement, Cyberculture, Cyberarchitecture
Flash-Informatique, Special Issue, EPFL, July 1999
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Cyberspace, Cyberlernen, Cyberkultur, Cyberarchitektur
zhwinfo, Zürcher Hochschule Winterthur, 1999
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Engeli Maia
Alles nur eine Frage der Intelligenz?
Die Weltwoche, SPEZIAL: Wenn die Häuser denken lernen!, 24. Juni 1999

Engeli Maia
Lehren, Lernen und Arbeiten im digitalen Umfeld
io management, Handelszeitung Fachverlag, Zurich, Switzerland, Juni, 1999
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Engeli Maia, Miskiewicz-Bugajski M.
A Collectively Designed Information Landscape
in proceedings of: AVOCAAD conference, Brussels, April 8-10, 1999
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Engeli Maia, Hirschberg U.,
Narratives, Networks and Architecture - Collectively Exploring Ideas about Space
Design Computing on the Net '98 (DCNet'98), The International Journal of Design Computing, Key Centre of Design Computing, University of Sydney, Australia, 30.11. - 3.12.1998
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Engeli Maia, Sibenaler P.,
Discovering the Digital Territory
Session VIII: Cyber Communication,in proceedings of: EuropIA conference, Paris, November 26-27, 1998
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Engeli Maia, Weder A.,
Information Technology - Discovering New Spaces for Design
in proceedings of: Fide'98, Int. conference on first year architectural design education, Istanbul Technical University, Faculty of Architecture, October 14-16, 1998, pp. 3.31-3.42
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Engeli Maia
Lernen im Dialog mit dem Computer - ein Forschungsprojekt 
Tagungsband Learntec 1997, Karlsruher Kongress- und Ausstellungs-GmbH, Karlsruhe, 1997, pp.  81-90 
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Schmitt Gerhard, Stouffs R., Engeli M., 
An architecture for collaborative design support: Models, tools and interfaces, 
proceedings of IFIP WG 5.2 Workshop on Formal Aspects of Collaborative CAD, M.L. Maher, J.S. Gero, F. Sudweeks (eds.), Key Center of Design Computing, University of Sydney, 1997, pp. 125-142

Kurmann David, Elte N., Engeli M., 
Real-time modeling with architectural space 
proceedings of CAAD futures 1997, R. Junge (ed.), Kluwer Academic, Dordrecht, The Netherlands, 1997, pp. 809-819

Engeli Maia, Geisser M. 
Professionelle CAD Arbeit 
Buchbesprechung, Professionelle CAD Arbeit, von Püntener P., Püntener W., Kling A., 
Hochparterre 9/97, p. 48



Schmitt Gerhard, Engeli M., Kurmann D. 
Virtual Design Environments, Computeranwendung in der Bauplanung 
Richard Junge (Editor), München, Kluwer, Dortrecht, NL, 1996.

Engeli, Maia, Kurmann, D.
A Virtual Reality Design Environment with Intelligent Objects and Autonomous Agents
published in Design and Decission Support Systems, Conference Proccedings, Spa Belgium, 1996,
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Kurmann, David, Engeli, M. 
Modeling Virtual Space in Architecture   
VRST '96 - Virtual Reality Software and Technology, M. Green, K. Fairchild and M. Zyda (Eds.), ACM Proceedings, Hongkong University, 1-4 July1996, pp. 77-82.

Engeli Maia, Kurmann, D. 
Spatial objects and intelligent agents in a virtual environment 
Automation in Construction, Elsevier, Amsterdam, September 1996, pp. 140-150.



Engeli Maia, Kurmann D., Schmitt G. 
A New Design Studio: Intelligent Objects and Personal Agents in a Virtual Environment 
ACADIA'95; Seattle, WA, USA; 1995 Okt; S. 155-170.

Engeli Maia,  
Agents for Architects 
Working Papers of the Intelligent Agents Workshop of the British Computer Society Specialist Interest Group on Expert Systems and the Representation and Reasoning Special Interest Group, N.S. Taylor, J.L. Nealon, Eds; Oxford, GB, November 1995.

Schmitt Gerhard, Engeli M., Kurmann D., van der Mark E.  
Virtual Design Agents 
8th Int. Conference on Systems Research, Informatics and Cybernetics; Baden-Baden, Germany.: CAD Research Center, Cal Poly, USA; 1995 Aug; Session 2 Cooperative Design Systems, S. 71-80.



Schmitt Gerhard, Engeli M., Kurmann D., Faltings B., Frei Ch. 
Multi-Agent Interaction in a Complex, Virtual Design Environment  
Priority Programme Informatics Research, NFP, Information Conference Module 2, Knowledge Based Systems,Yverdon-les-Bains, 15.-16.12.1994, Seite 99-102.